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Foolish Prophet


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The single "Let's Dance" tells a fantastic story about

the not-so-distant future in which humanity has completely consumed all of the earth's natural resources due to

a relentless pursuit of profits, simple humans are ruled by

an elite group of the richest, who determine what they hear and see in their reality. 

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About the Band

The ensemble is a non-flattering progressive metal project, which emphasizes lyrics

that give a glimpse into the singer's perspective on the world and

the human race, alongside melodies with energy and groove influenced

by many styles of music such as classical music, baroque, Mediterranean,

jazz, blues, and funk.

Foolish Prophet is currently a duo, where Nadav Bracha is in charge of singing and guitars,

writing, composing, and producing everything, and alongside Dor Jacobson on bass guitar.


Growing up in Rishon Lezion, we have been playing together since the age of 14 which makes

it is very easy to write together, we already know each other's creative head so well.
With influences from bands like Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Opeth, Symphony X in the world of prog metal along with the founding fathers like Yes, Genesis, King Crimson,

and Rush of progressive rock.


Contact Us

Nadav Bracha:

(+972) 054-211-1868

Dor Jacobson:

(+972) 054-585-6560